About Earth Grounds Coffee


Earthgrounds make sure that our coffee has a purpose! We love giving back to our Earth and make sure she is protected. That is why we partnered up with OneTreePlanted so every time a bag of our freshly roasted coffee is purchased, a tree is planted where it is needed most. We love the fact that we can help save the Earth through our love of coffee!

We hope in the future to see a greener Earth. Throughout the years we have seen the damages we have done to our planet and we wanted to change that. The little things in helping save our Earth can go a long way. 


Our collection varies from Single Origins, Blended and Flavoured Coffee each packed in a biodegradable craft bag! Remember every time you take a sip of your Earthgrounds coffee, you help provide a tree for our Earth, so thank you! 

 All of us here at Earthgrounds are avid coffee lovers, but we are also devoted in making sure that we produce and provide great coffee for a good cause!