What Exactly is Espresso?

What Exactly is Espresso?

When I first really got into coffee, I always wondered what the difference between black coffee and espresso coffee was. Like aren't the same since its just hot water and ground coffee beans brewed together? Apparently Not!

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History of Espresso

Espresso was invented in Italy by a coffee lover like us. More specifically, espresso coffee was created in the early 1900's by an impatient Italian businessman named Luigi Bezzera. According to Bezzera, he thought that regular black coffee took too long to brew. 



He then began to experiment in creating coffee that is made faster. After a couple years of trial and errors, he realized that adding more steam pressure makes coffee quicker and even stronger. The machine was created and then the competition of trying to one up the original idea.  

Espresso Coffee Today

Instead of waiting minutes for coffee to brew, espresso is brewed in just seconds. Espresso makers are very popular till this day. Today, espresso is usually served in shot glasses and can be added to your drink for that extra kick of caffeine. 




The best way to enjoy espresso coffee 

Espresso Coffee taste best when using a dark roast coffee. That is just a recommendation, the type of coffee is totally up to your preference. What matters is the grind used for the coffee and amount of pressure. 

Earthgrounds offers a wonder variety of espresso grind coffee! 

All you need for espresso coffee is 

  • Finely ground coffee
  • High Pressure Steam Coffee Machine 

You know you made good espresso when you see that golden brown thick consistency. With more steam pressure and finely ground coffee, you can easily make espresso coffee in the comfort of your home! 







For more information about the history of Espresso, check out this reference that we used to help us write this: 

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