What Are the Different Coffee Roasts?

What Are the Different Coffee Roasts?

We know that the two main types of coffee is Arabica and Robusta. But do you know the different types of coffee roasts? Coffee roast vary between 3 main levels: Light, Medium, and Dark. Each have a distinct look, taste, acidity, and caffeine level. 



Light Roast 

Light roast coffee beans obviously appear to have a light toasted color on them. When roasting beans we like to hear for that cracking noise from the beans. Once you hear the first crack, thats when you stop roasting! Sometimes you don't even need to hear a crack. What's important is that you don't roast beyond the first crack you hear. 


Light Roast are known to have a very acidic taste. Flavors of light roasts are known to be tangy, citrusy, and sweeter. 

Medium Roast

Medium roast can actually vary from just being medium to also being medium-dark. This roast is actually very popular, due to its balanced aroma and flavor!  Medium roast is roasted a little longer after hearing the first crack. Earthgrounds has a delicious medium roast Caramel flavored coffee. Or if you want a Single Origin coffee, try our Colombian Coffee that is just the perfect medium roast!

Medium-Dark Roast

Medium Dark roasts appear to be darker and less acidic. This is roasted after hearing the roasted beans crack and letting the oil seep onto the bean. Medium-dark is ready after the second crack. If you prefer your coffee roast to be Medium, Earthgrounds has a wide collection of coffee!

Dark Roast

This roast is perfect for that shot of espresso. Dark roasts are visibly oily and a very dark brown, to the point where it practically black. It is a rich and bold drink but is the least acidic among all the coffee roasts. Sometimes you can even  taste the smokiness! 

Don't you just love how diverse coffee can be?









For more information about the different coffee roasts, check out this reference that we used to help us write this: 

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