What Are Lattes?

What Are Lattes?

This is definitely a go-to coffee drink of mine. I love lattes and the perfect balance between espresso and milk, topped with beautiful latte art. 

Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

History of Latte

Lattes began in Italy and was first called 'caffe e latte' because that literally means coffee and milk. In Europe if you go to a cafe and order a latte, you'll most likely get a glass of milk only. If you want the drink Latte, you should order a 'caffe latte.'

 Latte's became very popular in the U.S around the 1980's. The Latte Art trend also grew and barista's were beginning to become very creative with their drinks.

How to Make a Latte

A latte consists of:

  • Espresso Shot 
  • Steamed Milk 
  • Depending where you are, Sweetener



Lattes can be enjoyed while hot or over ice. Either way is still delicious. Latte art is also very popular to top off your latte! The steamed milk poured into the espresso shot can be used to create cute pictures! Some barista's create very unique latte arts. 

Photo by Valeriia Miller from Pexels

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