The Whimsical History of Coffee

An image of whole coffee beans from Earth Grounds Coffee

          It is no secret that here at Earth Grounds, we LOVE coffee. It is also probably safe to assume that if you’re reading this post, you love coffee too! However, do you know the history behind how humans discovered the wonderfully decadent beverage we now love and are practically always craving? If not, keep reading and we’ll share some of the whimsical details surrounding coffee’s beginnings!

         While exact details surrounding coffee’s discovery are still unknown, it is believed that coffee’s origins rest in and around the nation of Ethiopia. According to the National Coffee Association, legend has it that a goat herder by the name of Kaldi unearthed the power of coffee beans when he observed that his goats gained great boosts of energy after munching on coffee berries. After sharing his findings with a nearby monastery, the monastery abbot created a drink from the coffee berries that, too, provided him with amplified levels of energy throughout the night. Soon, the story about the power of coffee berries spread towards the East to the Arabian Peninsula. As the coffee was grown and traded in the region, it eventually became a household name and prized commodity throughout the world. While many were skeptical at first, the drink became so popular that coffee houses (originally named qahveh khaneh in the Arabian Peninsula) opened up and became centers of social life in regions like the Near East, Europe, and the Americas. In turn, more and more people began planting and harvesting coffee seeds, too. As coffee has evolved in recent centuries, we now have the many variations of the drink that we know now. Talk about an amazing history, right?

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