How to Brew Coffee While Camping!

How to Brew Coffee While Camping!

This past year has definitely been super tough! Going outside and getting fresh air is what we all need - an escape from reality! Camping is a fun way to just get away from people, the city and be alone with nature because we all for sure need it. 


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 Obviously, when we are outdoors camping we don't have our handy dandy coffee maker with us. Good thing there are multiple ways to brew coffee in the great outdoors.  You can do:

  • the Pour-over method,
  • or the "cowboy" method which is just mixing the coffee grounds in hot water over a fire,
  • or just use instant coffee

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But which is the best way to make high quality coffee?

Many might suggest that using a French Press is a very reliable method in brewing coffee while outdoors. A French Press is a portable coffee brewing device that can brew you a great cup of coffee.  Its great for those who enjoy that rich taste of freshly brewed coffee. 

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Nanopresso or minipresso is a great way to brew coffee while on the go. When you're either traveling, camping or even just at home, a nanopresso / minipresso can be used anywhere. It is perfect for camping because of the compact brewer and doesn't need electricity to be used. 


Another way for that freshly brewed coffee is using the Moka Pot. The Moka Pot might be a bit bigger to pack when going on a camping trip but so worth it because of the espresso coffee brew. 

Between these 3 methods which ever you prefer the most is totally up to! 


Happy Camping!







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