Home Coffee Brewing Methods: Siphon

Home Coffee Brewing Methods: Siphon

The siphon, also known as a vacuum coffee maker, definitely looks complicated and complex at first, but it starts to brew the most delicious and smooth coffee ever, all those thoughts go away. 

Photo by Eiliv Aceron from Pexels 

History of the Siphon 

The Siphon was invented in Germany by a company named Loeff in the 1830's. But the first patented vacuum cleaner was by a French woman named Marie Fanny Amelne Massot, better known as, Madame Vassieux. In Lyon, France, Madame Vassieux designed a coffee brewer with two "glass balloons" that was being held by a standing frame. This design was so pretty that many thought it was only for display. Madame Vassieux was quite wealthy due to the leisure of developing her design and then having it manufactured. Some of her original designs still exist today! Many other countries have created their own version of a vacuum coffee maker over the years as well. 

How Does a Siphon Coffee Maker Work?

I think we can all agree that a siphon coffee maker looks like it is very interesting, kind of like a science experiment with beakers and everything. The lower chamber, the carafe, is  filled with water. The carafe is then heated up until the water is forced up into the upper chamber through the siphon tube. Coffee grounds are added and mixed until brewed.  Remove the heat so the temperature will cool down and the lower chamber will act like a suction, and the coffee brew will draw back to the carafe well filtered and delicious. 




Here at Earthgrounds, we'd personally recommend that you:

  • Use a Medium Roast Coffee, 
  • Start with hot water, not boiling but hot water.
  • Tilt the upper chamber while the water in the carafe is heating up
  • Do not let water boil aggressively in the upper chamber while brewing

Important items you will need:

  • Siphon Rig
  • Burner 
  • 400g of Hot Water
  • 30g of Ground Coffee

Photo by Lawrence Aritao on Unsplash

The Method:

  • Grind Coffee Beans until medium-coarse
  • Place 400g of water in the lower chamber also known as the carafe
  • Make sure filter is safe in the upper chamber, then place upper chamber on top of the carafe
  • Light the burner and wait until water is boiling in the carafe, the water will be pressurized and pushed into the upper chamber
  • Add 30g of coffee grounds and stir 10x
  • Let the coffee brew for about 1 minute and 30s seconds
  • Remove the burner and stir a couple times then let the coffee fall back into the carafe
  • Enjoy and Serve

Best way to Enjoy Siphon Coffee

Many baristas use lighter roast coffees when using a Siphon Coffee Maker. Using lighter roast coffees can bring the acidity and flavor in a super delicious way. Earthgrounds provides a delicious light roast single origin coffee from Ethiopia. These beans make delicious and smooth coffee. Siphon coffee is one of the oldest ways to brew coffee and till this day it is still used commonly. 




Order a Bag of Beans from Earthgrounds and get a tree planted!








For more information about the history about the Siphon, check out this reference that we used to help us write this blog: https://www.hario.co.uk/blogs/default-blog/history-of-the-syphon


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