Home Coffee Brewing Method: Pour Over

Home Coffee Brewing Method: Pour Over

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Pour Over or Drip is another popular coffee brewing method that many coffee drinkers use. Many people do it by hand but there are some coffee machines that do it for you! Brewing coffee by hand gives you more control on how your cup of coffee will come out. 

What is the Pour Over Method?

The pour over method is exactly what it sounds like! With a paper or cloth filter filled with coarse ground coffee, you pour hot water in a circle around the coffee soaking it to be brewed. The coffee then starts to drip from the filter into a cup or pot for a couple of minutes. This is the way the coffee brews. After the dripping stops, you will have yourself a delicious cup of coffee - coffee grounds bit free!

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Where did the Pour Over Method come from?

The Pour over method started in the 1900's, by a German woman named Amalie Auguste Melitta who despised the taste of her coffee from her percolator coffee pot. Coffee pots back then always left coffee grounds in the drink and wouldn't filter properly, so she started playing around with different brewing methods. She then started to pour hot water over ground coffee in a paper filter. The paper filters were the secret to no more ground coffee bits in her coffee. Melitta and her husband then filed a patent for the paper filter and the Pour Over method was born!



 Here at Earthgrounds, we'd recommend you start with:

  • Filter Paper
  • Filter
  • 50mL of hot water for the Blooming process, an EXTRA 200mL for after the blooming process is over. 
  • 15 g of COARSE ground coffee 


  • Place filter paper in filter
  • Add 15 grams of ground coffee to the filter paper. 
  • Pour over the 50mL of hot water to make the coffee BLOOM (removes carbon dioxide gas from drink) 
  • After your coffee is done blooming, pour 100 mL of water in a circular motion
  • When the coffee begins to drip after a couple of seconds, add the remaining 100 mL of water and let it drip. 

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  • Water should be heated until about 200 F.
  • Place grinds into DAMP filter
  • Pour hot water in a circular motion and give it a little swirl shake! 

Best Way to Enjoy Pour Over Method

Depending on how you like your coffee, whether its with milk and sugar or just black, we'd recommend you use our Ethiopian Coffee so you can really taste the distinct flavor. It carries that rich and smooth fruity, chocolate-y and caramel taste. Our Ethiopian Coffee comes in three different types of grinds, Standard, Espresso and Whole Bean. For every bag of coffee that is purchased, we plant a tree! 


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For more information about the history of the Pour Over Method, check out this reference that we used to help us write this blog: 


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