Home Coffee Brewing Method: Minipresso

Home Coffee Brewing Method: Minipresso

Minipresso, a  lightweight and compact brewer that uses no electricity to make multiple espresso shots wherever you are! A Minipresso is just like a nanopresso but a little bigger.

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History of the Minipresso

The Minipresso is a fairly new invention that was created in a start-up company located in Hong Kong! Hugo Cailleton, founder of Wacaco, first thought of a "on the go" espresso coffee brewer when he wasn't satisfied with hotel espresso. Cailleton wanted to create a coffee device that was affordable, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It took over 10 different prototypes to create the design. The first design was called the "Minipresso" which is a 2 cm larger than a nanopresso.


How does it work?

The Minipresso comes with a scooper and a brush to help clean it after each use. The bottom section of the Minipresso is where to put the hot water and an attached small cup. Ground coffee is put in the filter basket located at the top section of the Minipresso. 


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Make sure the top and bottom are screwed on tightly, then unscrew the pump which is located in the center of the Minipresso. The pump pops out and then we can start pumping to build pressure for the water and coffee grounds to brew nicely inside. It takes about 8-10 pumps to get it started then after a couple more pumps the espresso will slowly draw out


Photo by Eric Gilkes on Unsplash

Here at Earthgrounds, we'd personally recommend that you:

  • Use Finely Grounded coffee
  • Tamp the coffee and make sure there is about 4mm left of space in the filter
  • Use boiling water when brewing
  • Stop pumping when you don't feel resistance
  • Use any Medium Dark roast coffee

The Method:

  • Weigh about 8g of finely ground coffee and add to filter basket at the top
  • Add boiling water into the bottom chamber
  • Flip Minipresso so water is at the top 
  • Unscrew the pump and start to pump about 8-10 times slowly for pressure build
  • Coffee will extract after a couple more pumps. 
  • Then Enjoy!









For more information about the history of Minipresso, check out this reference that we used to help us write this blog: https://www.wacaco.com/pages/about-us#:~:text=Founded%20in%202013%2C%20Wacaco%20is,Minipresso%20is%20now%20under%20production. (n.d) Wacaco

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