Home Coffee Brewing Method: Moka Pot

Home Coffee Brewing Method: Moka Pot

Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels

Created in Italy in the 1930's, the Moka Pot is another popular way that coffee lovers brew their coffee! The Moka Pot is a three chamber brewing device that popularly used in Europe, especially Italy! 

How the Moka Pot was Invented?

The famous Moka Pot was first invented by an Italian Industrial Worker named Alfonso Bialetti. Bialetti worked with aluminum in France before he returned home to his native Italy. The idea of a Moka Pot came to him when he saw how women wash the laundry! Bialetti observed the way how boiling water would pressurized then push out and up a tube and pour out onto the laundry. So he wanted to create a device that did that to coffee, and since then, the Moka Pot has been a part of Italian tradition for years that every household has one. 

 How does the Moka Pot work?

The Moka pot is divided into 3 different pieces that all play a crucial part in the process of brewing. Lets begin at the bottom, the bottom chamber holds the water with the filter with coffee grounds set on top. The top chamber is then attached and the Moka Pot is set on a stove top. 


The water in the bottom chamber then begins to boil and pour out to the top chamber through the funnel that is  connecting through the pot. The coffee then brews in the top chamber for a couple of minutes, until you hear a gurgling noise. When there is a gurgling, you must remove the Moka Pot off the stove and enjoy! 


Here at Earthgrounds, we'd personally recommend that you:

  • Starting with beans that more coarsely grounded, more grounded than you would usually use for an espresso machine
  • Fill the bottom chamber with hot water, not cold water.
  • Rinse the Moka Pot after removing it off the stovetop with cold water. 


Image by Jocelyn Morales on Unsplash


  • Grind Coffee Beans until is it more coarse than a regular espresso grind.
  • Fill the bottom chamber with hot water until it is just under the valve.
  • Put filter filled with ground coffee (usually around 3 tablespoons)  on top of the bottom chamber
  • Attach the top Chamber and set on stove top to boil
  • When boiling begins, the coffee will be pushed through the funnel into the top chamber.
  • When there is a gurgling noise, remove the Moka Top from the stovetop.

Best Way to Enjoy Moka Pot Coffee

Moka Pot Coffee is known to be espresso-like coffee, so to enjoy it best, we'd recommend using a medium or dark roast coffee. So we'd recommend using our Colombian Beans! You'll be able to taste the distinct orangey, berry and chocolate flavors. It is one our best sellers and for every bag you purchase, we plant a tree!


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For more information about the history about the Moka Pot, check out this reference that we used to help us write this blog: https://sundaybaker.co/the-history-of-the-moka-pot/ (2020) 


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