Don't Forget to Tamp Your Coffee!

Don't Forget to Tamp Your Coffee!

Tamping your coffee is a good habit to pick up on when brewing espresso! In all honesty, when I first started to drink coffee I didn't think to tamp my coffee for my espresso shots, which now when I look at back at, was kind of neglectful!


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What Does Tamping your Coffee Do?

When you tamp your coffee grounds, you are compressing the coffee grounds tightly into the espresso basket. When the coffee grounds are tightly pressed together, it will make water difficult to push their way through the grounds. 



With the water interacting with the grounds longer, results in an espresso shot that is just filled with flavor and richness. 

How to Tamp Properly

Tamping while making an espresso shot is very important if you're looking for that rich and delicious espresso shot. 

  1. Fill your espresso basket up with coffee grounds
  2. Level the grounds with your finger so the grounds are spread out evenly. 
  3. Place the basket on a flat surface and use the coffee tamp to create a flat surface. 
  4. Apply pressure to the coffee grounds and twist gently so the grinds interlock
  5. Remove your tamper and Voila!


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You have a nice espresso shot coming your way! 

Tips when Tamping

  • Maintain an even pressure and even level
  • When twisting with the tamper to make the grinds interlock, this is so the water has difficulty passing. 





For more information about tamping coffee check out this reference that we used to help us write this: (n.d) CaffeSociety

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