Home Coffee Brewing Method: Cold Brew

Home Coffee Brewing Method: Cold Brew

The most common way to brew coffee is using hot water, but one method, called the Cold Brewing Method, uses either cold or room temperature water to brew! The cold brewing method might take about a day to brew but the taste is still delicious nonetheless!


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When Was The Cold Brew Method Created?

The first evidence the Cold Brew Method started in Kyoto, Japan! It is said that in the early 1600's the Japanese cold brewed tea leaves in water from the river for hours, until the leaves saturated. Then, the Dutch began brewing coffee at room temperature during long voyages to avoid the common accident of catching their ships on fire during the brewing process.  In order to finish the coffee grounds before they expire, the Dutch would soak the coffee grounds for hours! This soon became a popular method around the world!



Let's Not Confuse Cold Brew Coffee With Iced Coffee

The difference between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee is the way they were brewed. Cold Brew Coffee was brewed using cold or room temperature water, whereas, iced coffee was brewed using hot water but just poured over ice! Using hot and cold water gives the coffee a different taste. 

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The Method:

The cold brewing method is pretty easy, it just takes a couple of hours for the whole brewing process. 

  • Grind 1 Cup of Beans until coarse ground 
  • Combine ground beans with 4 Cups of Water in a jar or any other container!
  • Cover container with cheesecloth or flour sack cloth. 
  • Mix the two together, then steep (soak the coffee in the water)  the coffee for 12 hours
  • After the 12 hour brew, strain mixture using the cheesecloth or flour sack cloth and pour mixture in a larger cup or bowl!
  • Enjoy with more ice, milk and sugar, depending on your preference.  


Here at Earthgrounds, we'd personally recommend that you:

  • Make sure to use coarsely ground coffee
  • Use water that is filtered
  • Steep your coffee for around 12-18 hours 
  • Use a cheesecloth, or filter when straining the coffee

Best way to enjoy Cold Brew Coffee

There is actually a lot great ways to enjoy cold brew coffee! Some people use cold brew coffee in cocktails, mocktails, or even in an iced tea! The most known way to drink cold brew coffee is using milk and sugar with ice. To spice it up, you could use coffee ice cubes, to add more flavor. 


The best type of coffee to use when Cold Brewing would be a medium roast. With this type of brewing, any type of coffee would actually work and still taste really good! You can enjoy a cold brew hot or cold too! 




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