Coffee Country Profile: Peru

Coffee Country Profile: Peru

Home of Machu Pichu, Peru is one of the world's top coffee producing country! Peru produces and exports some of the world's best coffee while carrying various flavors.


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Where Did Coffee Come From?

Coffee came to Peru in the 1700's, possibly when the Spanish invaded. Ever since then, coffee has become a big part of Peru! In the 1800's the coffee production grew because Peru was one of the countries that can export coffee to countries in Europe due to a shortage in Asia. Since then, Peru continued to export coffee around the world. Today, Peru is one of the top 10 coffee producing countries!

Regions Coffee is Grown

There are so many regions where coffee is grown around Peru! The variety and diverse geographical locations give the coffee different flavors depending what region you are in! There are 10 regions that grow coffee but the major regions are:

  • Amazonas
  • Cajamarca
  • Cusco
  • Huánuco
  • Junín
  • San Martín

Each region have small coffee farms that are able to bring income to over 220,000 families. Coffee cherries are also handpicked, instead of using a machine during harvest.

Coffee made from Poop?

In Cusco, the region of Machu Picchu, they make coffee called "Coatis Coffee" which is made out of Coatis poop! The Coatis are given coffee cherries to eat; Then after a couple of hours, they defecate the coffee beans that will be washed and roasted. Coffee made from animal poop are some of the most expensive coffees!



 Flavors of Peruvian Coffee

The way beans are washed and roasted give the various flavors of Peruvian Coffee. There is a balance of flavors where the medium roast still has a mild acidity to it, with the many flavors of:

  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Citrus
  •  Nutty

The flavors together gives a very smooth and delicious coffee drink together. 

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