Coffee Country Profile: Guatemala

Coffee Country Profile: Guatemala

Its amazing how great the coffee from Central America is, especially from Guatemala! Known for its rich cocoa and nutty flavor, Guatemala is in the worlds top 10 coffee producing countries!

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Coffee Production

Coffee in Guatemala has substantially helped the country's economy and remains a principal export product! There are over 120,000 coffee producers around the Guatemala and make the coffee industry so successful!


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Guatemala's climate is known to be very humid and wet due to the various rainfalls the country has.  Coffee is able to grow in the fertile volcanic soil and ideal environment in higher altitudes.  The excessive rainfalls help the nutrient rich soil produce delicious coffee beans. Coffee is harvested from November - April but will vary depending which region you're in

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Coffee Regions

The coffee regions each try to produce their own style and flavor of coffee. Guatemala has 8 different coffee regions:

  • Antigua
  • Acatenango
  • Atitlán
  • Cobán
  • Huehuetenango
  • Faijanes
  • San Marcos
  • Nuevo Orientea

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Antigua, Coban and Huehuetenango are Guatemala's major coffee regions. Coffee from Antigua is very popular because the coffee valley is surrounded by not one but three volcanoes! The volcanic soil becomes very fertile for coffee to grow and the low humidity and cooler nights help a lot. 




Coffee Flavor

Coffee from Guatemala has a distinct cocoa and nutty flavor. Each coffee region does try to add their own little spice to their coffee beans to differentiate which region it comes from. Antigua coffee is known to have a little hint of smokiness to add their little twist. Flavors vary from:

  • Cocoa
  • Nutty
  • Toffee
  • Sometimes fruity

The spice gives it that extra Guatemala touch to the coffee, which what makes it very popular worldwide.

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