Coffee and Chocolate: Mocha

Coffee and Chocolate: Mocha

For all you chocolate lovers, Caffe Mocha is definitely for you! Sometimes there are days where I want my coffee extra sweet and flavorful, so I go with Mocha.  


 History of Mocha

The name of the drink Mocha, was named after the Al Moka city in Yemen. Al Moka is a port city that once reigned as a supreme center for trade and commerce during Yemen’s coffee hold in the 17th century.


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Adding chocolate to a coffee drink was actually invented in the town Turin. But instead of serving coffee lovers a mocha drink, they would be served a deconstructed version of it where they had to mix it together themselves. 


Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels

Making Mocha Latte

A mocha latte is the beautiful combination of espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate. It has won the hearts of most coffee lovers, but especially for the chocolate lovers!

  • Steam the Milk
  • Brew an espresso shot or any freshly brewed coffee
  • You can use Cocoa powder or chocolate syrup

Combine the Coffee and chocolate first, then top it off with steamed milk and some extra chocolate drizzle or shavings! Then you have yourself a mocha latte! 

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For more information about the history of  Mocha check out this reference that we used to help us write this:

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