Are You Correctly Storing Your Coffee Beans?

Are You Correctly Storing Your Coffee Beans?

We all want our freshly coffee beans to stay fresh forever. The reality of coffee beans  going bad can really put a damper in my day. If I had three wishes, one of them might be the ability to preserve the taste in my coffee beans forever. So what is the right way to store coffee beans?


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Elements That Make Coffee Beans Vulnerable

There are 5 things that are a threat to coffee beans while storing them:

  • Light
  • Heat
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen
  • Loss of Carbon Dioxide

The Importance of Proper Storage

If coffee beans haven't been roasted yet, they can stay fresh for about a year. Roasted Coffee is a different story though, it can go bad really fast; sometimes days, sometimes weeks. 

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Freshly Roasted Coffee develops the beautiful aroma and delicious flavor. The roasting process is the reason for the hints of nut, chocolate, honey, berry, caramel, etc. When coffee beans aren't stored properly, the beans lose the taste and aroma!


Best Coffee Bean Storage

First, it's always a good idea to buy coffee beans in small bags at a time. If you have a lot of coffee beans, you should divide them into smaller portions and place them in airtight containers. 

It's better to keep your beans in a dark and cool location. Room temperature is okay too! But a cooler room is better, NOT cold. 

Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

There are different views on storing coffee beans in the freezer. That is another way, the only thing is that coffee absorbs moisture. It might be good for about a week or so but I personally haven't tried storing coffee beans in the freezer. 


These are all suggestions, you can totally store your coffee beans to how you see fit! 







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