Every Tree Matters!

Every Tree Matters!

We are so happy to say that Earthgrounds has had 20 Trees donated to British Columbia in the month of March through our partner One Tree Planted. It is exciting that baby steps like this is bringing us towards a much brighter future! 

The next time you breathe in that fresh smell of coffee, remember to thank trees for giving us fresh air to inhale. 


Trees are usually taken by granted and forgotten just how powerful one tree really is. Many might forget just how important and beneficial trees are. One tree can 

  • Clean the air that we breathe
  • Lower air temperature
  • Create a home for our wildlife
  • Produce oxygen

This hunk of wood with leaves and branches attached to is like our everyday superhero and we don't even notice sometimes. With the 20 trees we donated and had planted in British Columbia has helped out the community in so many great ways. 

Together we can reforest, conserve and protect the forests around the world.









For more information about One Tree Planted and facts about Trees, check out these references that we used to help us write this: 

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